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Good quality colored construction paper. For 10 cards, you will need five sheets.

White cardstock - available for @$1.00 per 4 sheets. For an average, size stamp you will need 6 sheets for 10 cards.

Holiday rubber stamp - large. Rubber stamps can be very expensive, but it is well worth the investment. Check out rubber stamp outlet retailers - you may get a great deal!

Stamp pad. We recommend black.

Colored pencils

Colored markers

Gold or silver liquid pen

Gold or silver spray paint

Thin ribbon, or raffia strands

Decorative scissors, optional.

White glue

Hand-held hole punch



Fold & cut construction paper in half, longways. Lay paper flat on a newspaper, in a well ventilated room. Lightly mist the construction paper with gold spray paint. Let dry. Turn paper over & repeat process. After paper is completely dry, fold in half again, making a tent-card. Run a ruler down the fold for a clean, fresh look. This is called the card shell.

With the white cardstock, fold into fourths. Cut on folds. Put aside one extra cardstock for each card that you need. That will be for the inside! Stamp your design onto each cut section of cardstock. Let dry. It is good to use a hairdryer for 1 minute on each stamped card. Go to work - color! Use colored pencils, thin markers, gold & silver pens - have fun & use your imagination!

After all stamps have been colored, you may want to roughen up the edges of the cardstock. You can do this by tearing off the edges, or try cutting the edges with decorative scissors. There are many, many types of scissors. We used a scroll scissors - it looks very elegant.

Now, take the cardstock, and apply a bit of white glue to the back. Press onto the construction paper card shell. Let dry. Glue in the extra piece of cardstock onto the inside of the card. This is where you will write your greeting. We used the gold & silver pens, and simply wrote..... Handmade just for you from ........... and Happy Holidays.

Punch a hole at the top of the card, just below the fold. Pull a 12 inch section of ribbon through, make a loop, and tie a knot. The top of the loop needs to be pulled through, to be on the top, knot on the bottom of the hole. With the extra strands that hang from the knot, tie into a bow.

Your card can hang on a Christmas tree as an ornament. Or, if you prefer, omit the hole, and just wrap the ribbon under the fold on the inside of the card, bring to the front & tie into a bow!

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CraftyNEWS December 1997 issue